About us

Well we are Alexandra and Christian Stangl. A married couple born and living in beautiful Vienna, Austria.
In our several year long relationship we both have discovered our passion for nature and wildlife.
At first we simply went hiking to spend some time outside and find a better work-life balance.
But pretty soon we both got into photography and wanted to share our adventures. And that’s how this site was born!


Alexandra Stangl

Our journeys are always wonderful experiences. Even on days were we do not get the pictures we were after, we enjoy having fun together .

Since my husband Christian took up photography as a hobby we are much more attentive while walking around in nature. We would love for you to follow our blog and join us on our adventures.


Christian Stangl

Early on I realized that photography changes how you see the world around you. It makes you much more aware and draws your attention to all these little things that others never get to see or experience.

I am very lucky to share these unique experiences with my wonderful wife Alexandra and would be proud to share it with you too.

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