First of all let me explain what the term "project" really means to us. As a hobby photography helps us find a balance to our everyday work. So contrary to its business significance, a project does not represent a burden or an obligation that we must fulfill in order to earn money. Instead, it is a (sometimes very ambitious) goal that we want to put our spare time, heart and soul into to achieve it.

So let us take you with us on our journeys where we try to improve ourselves and hopefully have something awesome and exciting to show to you!

Project Kingfisher

Why a kingfisher of all the birds you might ask yourself? What’s so interesting about those? Well we both are fairly new into photography and consider ourselfes novices in this field. Although it is just a hobby for us we want to work hard on honing our skills. And the best way to improvement is practice - a lot of practice. Instead of going to the zoo and take pictures of captives we want to take pictures of animals in their natural environment.

In order not to wander around aimlessly, quickly the idea of a certain goal was born. It should be as ambitious as possible, so that we will have to invest some time to reach it and have a lot to learn from.

Where as at the beginning it seemed unattainable with time more and more progress became apparent - both in terms of photography and the knowledge about these animals. And this is what this project is all about. Hope you enjoy following us on our journey!

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