First sighting (or so)

On one of those seemingly hopeless trips, it finally happened. We had just finished our usual round and put down our backpacks and cameras to take a last rest before going home. When suddenly a small blue-orange dot was visible in the withered bushes. Excited we ran to our equipment to get a closer look. And indeed... after all the unsuccessful search a specimen sits only a few meters away from us.

Hoping for a good shot, we both shot immediately without adjusting the settings. Our quick reaction was just enough for 1-2 releases before it rose into the air again and disappeared into the green jungle. We immediately checked our results and were unfortunately disappointed by the completely blurred shots... Apparently the autofocus was distracted by the branches, which led to a rather abstract kingfisher image.


Nevertheless, this first encounter was the confirmation that we were on the right track and spurred us on for many more visits. But it should take some time until they would be rewarded.