Lean times

Inspired by the just experienced encounter, we visited the place many more times in the next weeks. But all this effort seemed to be in vain - the birds were usually only visible for a fraction of a second before they disappeared, flying a few centimetres over the water, around the next river bend.

Although the landscape offers the kingfisher an ideal area in which to disappear quickly, it is not suitable for photography or filming. Especially as it is a nature reserve in which one cannot simply go wherever he wants, but should stick to the paths. Even if some people don't do that - we stick to it to respect nature and its inhabitants. And so we mostly walked along the paths and hoped to catch one of the animals sitting on a branch.

Even if it turned out to be the wrong approach, it has allowed us to make many other exciting discoveries. For example, a large collection of young ring snakes, a fishing gray heron, a black cormorant or a gray goose, which we saw during each of our visits. And it shouldn’t be our last visits…