Learning from a professional

Some time passed, slowly but surely spring had been replaced by summer. Since we rarely had the time, we had not visited the place for a few weeks.

In the meantime we took our first photo trip of several days with Christine Sonvilla into the green heart of Slovenia. From the professional photographer, who already had a title story in the National Geographic, we learned a lot about wildlife photography and the use of our cameras. We also learned how to sit in the Slovenian forests. Because only with a lot of time, patience and an iron butt you will get to see the majestic but shy brown bears that roam in that area. To see these animals in their ancestral, natural environment was almost overwhelming - but more about that another time.

This week with Christine has helped us a lot to get to know our equipment better, but has also shown us the hard work and many hours that have to be invested for an optimal result. This should be of great benefit in pursuit of our blue little friend.