Perseverance finally pays off

Euphoric - this is the only way to describe our mood after the experiences of the past days. Finally, after all this time in which we had not seen a single animal, we suddenly had something like a breakthrough with two animals at once. The passion was rekindled and we had to try again the following weekend. And this time something like a jackpot awaited us.

After about an hour an animal appeared on the scene, completely unannounced. But instead of continuing its journey, it settled on a branch on the opposite bank. Sounds strange, but in such a situation the adrenaline shoots into your body like in a parachute jump. As if out of nowhere, completely unexpectedly, suddenly the situation arises for which one has waited weeks, even months. With a broad grin the triggers were pushed through, the silence was interrupted by the clicking of our cameras. Even if the target is many meters away, at least one of the many shots should be at least halfway sharp. Suddenly the kingfisher flew up and we thought it had already moved on. But suddenly it was visible in the lens again...

And behold - in an indescribably short moment the little fluttering man fell into the water, only to land again just as quickly at the same branch with a small fish in his beak. We could hardly believe our eyes when this spectacle repeated itself several times before he left his feeding place and us again.

But the next surprise wasn't long in coming. Some time later he reappeared and did more dives. To catch the animals diving, you have to aim at the place they are likely to dive. To make it easier for us, Christian commented on what was happening and set the direction in which the bird was looking. Excitedly he told Alexandra how the animal was diving spectacularly and asked if she had seen it. She answered incredulously that the bird was still sitting on the branch and had not moved. It was only at this point that we realized that two animals had settled down and that we had been following both other animals for several minutes!

During the following visits we were able to watch the same spectacle again and again and so we got more great pictures.