Trial of Patience passed?

A few weeks passed until we found time again to dedicate ourselves to our hobby. And this time everything should be different. After all, we had what we had learnt from Slovenia in our luggage and tried a different approach.

This time we looked for a cosy place with a view over the water to the place of our first sighting and planned to stay there for some time. In the beginning we got visits from frogs, dragonflies and other small animals. The time felt eternal and didn't seem to pass...

But soon we were rewarded with the first passes of a small blue flash that flew only inches above waters surface. And it showed itself again and again. At an interval of about half an hour, he zipped over the water like a blue flash of light. Although we only saw him here for a few fractions of a second, we were better prepared and actually got some shots.

Towards the end, two of the rare birds finally came along and did an extra lap for us. What an experience!